About us



Witty Whisks was created in 2022 so that we could share our passion, art and love for baking on a national scale. This is not where our story began though, we've been baking for over two decades, previously focusing mostly on bespoke themed cakes and cookies for a wide range of celebrations. Originally we could only supply our local area due to delivery limitations but after many months of design and thorough testing we created a new style of packaging enabling us to transport our tasty treats nationwide.


Bringing joy and fun to people is at the heart of what drives us and we are determined to bring that sense of joy to others. Through our own personal experience of supporting and caring for a loved one with severe mental impairments we have nurtured our passion for fun, laughter and mischief as a way to bring smiles, sweet moments and feeling special into people's lives.  It is this sense of fun and having a different outlook that has shaped our designs and we hope we gave you a smile today.